Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is Janet using the rumored Colin Farrell swirl to reprieve Dupri?

Janet and actor Colin Farrell were on couple watch after they were spotted at an “intimate lunch” a couple of weeks ago. They were seen sitting side by side in a booth at the renowned Polo Lounge located in the Beverly Hills Hotel, according to "Entertainment Tonight". Although Farrell just had a child with his girlfriend,Alicja Bachleda (i can't say it either) eight weeks ago , is Janet trying to get JD jealous and get back with him?

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  1. Janet has really started to bother me in the last few years. I've come to the conclusion she's fake & self absorbed like her other siblings, but hides it better. After what she did to her ex Rene Elizondo, who by the way was one of the main figures that helped build her career-- it's clear she got a sneaky/manipulative side.