Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aussies perform Jackson 5 blackface act

This is an Australian version of The Gong Show. It turns out Harry Connick Jr. is a judge on this coonery. After the 'Jackson Jive'(in blackface) performs if you can call it that, and the audience boos, brutha Harry asks the producers for a minute and tightens they asses up over that bull-ishhh....then QUITS THE GIG ON LIVE TV!!!! (I'm digging up the 1996 MAD TV skit with Harry in blackface as you read...)

I found it WMS...I don't consider this blackface. I'm still trying to figure out if he is in brown makeup or if he just had a tan at the time. I have met him in person and he can get very tan. A lot of Australians are trying to use this video to defend themselves online. What do you think?



  1. well that was what 15 years ago?

    all I know Harry took his OWN money and help build 75 homes in New Orleans 9th Ward with Habitat for Humanity (Nobel Peace Prize Winning Pres. Carter's organization).
    Of course noone will mention that.
    He gets a lifetime pass.
    And he put his foot up the Aussies azzes TODAY.

  2. Harry is okay in my book. Thos australians didn't see a damn thing wrong with that racist shit.

  3. Very racist on their behalf!

    Stand up guy, that Harry Connick Jr!!

    Here's a positive MJ performance by another performer.. I posted this on RWS as well.

  4. Harry's makeup is light brown..the Aussie's were making a disrespectful joke out of black people...I refuse to believe that those bastards don't realize the signifigance of "black face". After all aren't they middle age now not young adults

    Harry may have been acting as a black man, but not making fun of his race but of his occupation..just my thoughts

  5. Harry came out and said this was a skit about a southern black preacher and a southern white preacher. He was supposed to be white just naturally tan I guess.

  6. Whatever Harry did it is irrelevant. No one obviously thought his skit was racist because I have never even heard about it until now 15 years later! That australian skit was incredibly racist and they knew it would be offensive before they even aired it. The show should be taken off the air or everyone fired including that black haired lady who thought the routine was fabulous. bigot!

  7. I wonder what Jermadness would have said? It's OK because Michael liked make up?

  8. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a white man impersonating a black man, or the other way around. What makes it offensive or not is the way it is done. Harry Connick Jr on Mad TV is clever and doesn't seem to demeaning black people. The "Hey Hey It's Saturday" blackface sketch has a black-person-as-golliwog implication. Big difference.

    Blogged about the appropriateness of racial humour here if you care to read: